Thursday, 24 December 2020

Are Dental Implants Recommended for Elderly?

It is not uncommon to lose teeth with progressing age. Missing teeth or loose dentures have a severe impact on social interaction and food habits among the elders. Nobody is too old to have dentures unless they are reasonably healthy. Implants are equally successful in elderly people or any patients with reduced bone density as today there are various bone-sparing medications and bone grafting techniques which are proved to be very effective to achieve the desired bone health. This way implants can be placed safely and predictably in any individual, irrespective of their age to improve their quality of life.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Tooth replacement is as good as your natural tooth
  • They are self supporting and fixed to the jaw like tooth root
  • Long lasting in well maintained mouth
  • Promotes bone cell growth

Why are Implants recommended over dentures for elders?

  • Unlike dentures, implants does not take up much space in the mouth and you can fully relish the taste of your meals
  • Implants are more stable and there is no chipping or cracking
  • There is no irritation to the gums from implants
  • Dentures must be replaced once in while but well maintained implants can last lifelong
  • Dentures need to be soaked in water while with implants you can brush your teeth normally
  • Prolonged use of dentures can irreversibly damage gums and the supporting jaw bone but with dentures the bone health improves over time.

In the hands of an expert implantologist, implant placement is a minimally invasive and gentle procedure. Dental implants do not have an age limit, so do not delay asking for a trouble free  replacement for your missing teeth with dental implants.

Blog reviewed By: Dr. Sudhakara Reddy
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