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Why consider Bone Grafting

     A bone graft is performed to remove the problems with bones or joints.It is most beneficial in reconstructing the bones that are damaged from trauma or  solving the joint problems.It is capable of filling the void where the bone is absent or to provide structural stability.

Types of Bone Grafting

  1. Allograft: In this type of bone grafting process bones from a deceased donor or a cadaver is used.The bone will be cleaned and stored in a tissue bank prior to the surgery.
  2. Autograft: In this type of bone grafting, the bone will be chosen from your own body, such as your ribs, hips, pelvis, or wrist.

Why Is Bone Grafting Performed?

Bone grafting is performed for numerous reasons such as injury and disease.
There are four main reasons bone grafts are used:
  1. for  multiple or complex fractures
  2. Fractures that don’t heal completely after the treatment.
  3. For healing together of two bones across a diseased joint.Mostly done on the spine.
  4. To overcome bone lost to disease, infection or injury

What to take care after Bone grafting?

     There will be a pain for a few days after the surgery, and with regular medication, this problem can be alleviated. The patient may have a urinary catheter. The time required for a complete cure after bone grafts done for fractures or spinal fusion will range from 1 to 10 days. The healing rate of children is more than adults.All who have undergone spinal fusion will have a support of a back brace or cast while leaving the hospital for few days. This prevents injury or movement while healing.

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