Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Lost A Couple Of Teeth Due To Accident?? Fix Them With Multiple Teeth Replacement...

Lost a couple of teeth due to accident or decay? While this can be quite a distressing situation, aesthetically and functionally, it doesn’t have to be so, anymore. With the latest implant technology aiding multiple immediate teeth implants; it is now possible to replace multiple missing teeth in one sitting.

Multiple immediate teeth replacement enables the replacement of multiple teeth in a single stage. The procedure involves the placement of individual implants for individual tooth or by using implant supported bridge for multiple teeth replacement. Multiple teeth replacement techniques are useful in replacing molars as well.

Dr. Sudhakara Reddy, a leading Implantologist and Maxilla Facial surgeon in India is well known for his proficiency in multiple immediate teeth implantation techniques. He offers customised replacement techniques completed in one or two sittings, based on the requirement of the patients.

Single Stage Dental Implants

These implants help in replacing the missing teeth with procedures that can be completed in a single sitting.  Here implants with abutments already attached to them are used. The bridges or replacement teeth are created and then placed on them within minimum time. The procedure offers an immediate solution for replacing missing tooth, to restore aesthetic quality, especially when teeth are involved.

Benefits Of Multiple Immediate Teeth Replacement

The significant benefits of multiple immediate teeth replacement include its speed of the procedure. It offers a fast solution for missing tooth, saving us from embarrassment. They also provide a robust base for placing artificial teeth. The multiple teeth implants offer a better look and feel than conventional teeth replacement methods as well.

The procedure helps in keeping the gum line intact and maintains facial integrity as well. Once healed they restore the complete functionality, enabling natural chewing. This method of implantation does not cause harm to adjacent teeth. If proper care is taken, they offer a permanent solution.

Dr. Sudhakara Reddy offers advanced dental treatments techniques with a high success rate.

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