Sunday, 17 September 2017

Get the best Teeth Extractions in Bangalore

A tooth extraction is a procedure performed by a dentist for removing a tooth which is damaged beyond repair, infected, or causing other problems within the mouth. Having a tooth pulled is usually a simple and comfortable procedure, although the complete healing may take several weeks for larger or infected teeth.

But, there are several situations in which the surgical extraction of a tooth or teeth is required. Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, who have successfully completed several Teeth Extractions in Bangalore, adopts certain simple technical procedures for tooth extraction so that the removal is smooth, painless and precise. At the same time can able to place the dental implant (like putting back a new root) in the same place.

Benefits of Tooth Extraction

A dentist will recommend a tooth extraction in the following conditions:

  • When a root canal or any other minor procedure cannot repair the damages of  the tooth
  • For creating a healthier or more aesthetically pleasing smile
  • For even spacing between the teeth, a healthier bite, and less pain 
  • Removal of mildly infected tooth in order to prevent the infection from entering the bloodstream

Aftercare of a Tooth Extraction

Improper care of your gums after a tooth extraction can cause infection and pain. Once a complex tooth is extracted the dentist will stitch the wound shut; these stitches dissolve after a few days and aid the healing process. 

For a few days after the extraction, following these simple steps will help for a fast recovery:
  • Avoid hard food and don’t drink through a straw for avoiding dry sockets
  • For reduce swelling and pain, use an ice pack 
  • Avoid smoking for the first few days
  • Take medication for pain as recommended by the dentist
  • Brush and floss your teeth well, but avoid the extraction site for the first few days
  • Brush to remove the bacteria from tongue for reducing the risk of infection

If you’ve been considering a tooth extraction in bangalore or have infected teeth, an overcrowded mouth, or severe tooth damage, schedule an appointment with dentist Dr. Sudhakar Reddy to discuss, determine and receive the best Teeth Extractions in Bangalore.

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