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Single Tooth Replacement in India

Single Tooth Dental Implants 

The empty spaces between the teeth or the teeth missing is one of the main issue related to This both physical appearance as well mental strength too. Also unattended empty spaces will cause misalignment  in the rest of the teeth, Repositioning also cause periodontal diseases.

Dental Implants in Bangalore are one of the better option to restore your one or more teeth. Dental implants are frames that are placing surgically into the jaw bone. Not only the natural teeths are replacing but also replacing its roots too. Once the implants are placed it gives artificial supports and strength.

single tooth replacement

Advantages of single dental implants

  • Dental implants may restore the appearance of old missing teeth.
  • While doing dental implants no need to crush rest of the teeth
  • It gives more strength than old natural teeth.
  • The Bridges can avoid the accumulation of food inside of the teeth.
  • People can choose the shade and colour of teeth.
  • Stays for long time,easy to maintain.

How do dental implants work?

The implant supported tooth consists of the following parts such as

The Implant for single tooth replacement consist screw or cylinder placed into jaw bone.

The Abutment is a titanium or gold is attached to the jaw bone with a screw. It is normally shaped and designed like a normal natural teeth only.

Restoration is also known as crown. It is designed with metal called Porcelain Fused Metal(PFM). crown can be screwed or fixed to the abutment.

single tooth replacement
Missing tooth can be restored in two stages..
1. Single stage
Single teeth can be implanted immediately

2. Two stage

Tooth restoration can be done in two stages. after the first restoration then the bone can be restored in 3 months. After 3-6 month period, then the crown or tooth cap can be placed.

Dr.Sudhakara Reddy is one of the Expert Implantologist in India offers painless, safe and affordable dental implants in India. Immediate single tooth replacement can be done within a short period of time, Visit Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore for single immediate tooth  just in one.

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Best Tooth Implant in India

Basal Implants in Bangalore

Basal Implants are one of the modern and advanced technique that used in the basal bone areas of the jawbones for detention of dental implants which are perfectly designed to hold in the basal bone areas. It is well designed to cope with immediate loading. No need to wait for long time, immediate loading implant can be just in one day, Within 3 day or just within one week. The problem recovery occurs within a very limited time and cost considerably. These kind of implant have high success rate.
There some of the main situation where basal implant procedures are takes places
  • The Ridges became very thin
  • The bone height is not sufficient

The above two situations arises due to the following reasons
  • Can reabsorb the available bone through untreated periodontal diseases.
  • Not replacing the teeth after the extraction, staying long time without teeth for long will also may be the causes bone reabsorption
  • Removable denture uses for long years may reabsorb the bone
  • Basal implants are one of the best option to patients who are suffering from less bone
Basal implants can add benefits for patients who have chewing function is not performing well.

The Advantages of Basal implants such as
  • It save time and cost.
  • It does not require Bone grafting and Sinus lift procedure etc.
  • Low rate failure cases
  • It is a kind of single piece implantology

In Our Centre,
  • We suggest basal implants depends on the condition of the patient tested primarily. It is primarily based on the deficiency of height and width of the teeth bone.
  • Teeth in One Visit, Single immediate teeth and full mouth fixed teeth treatments are available at our centre with painless and comfortable experience you may feel once you visited.
Dr.Sudhakara Reddy is one of the Best Dentist in Bangalore offers permanent Teeth in One day treatments at Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore at at an affordable costs. The basal implants are the combination of teeth in one visit, single immediate tooth and full mouth fixed teeths just in a week etc at an affordable Dental implant cost in India .

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Monday, 7 September 2015

Best Dental Implants in Bangalore
Dental Implants are the process of replacing the damaged or missing teeths. Actually the replacement is needed for the root of the teeth in order to prevent the loss of teeth. Some periodontal diseases, injuries and other dental problems may be one of the reasons to choose the second opinion as dental implants.

Dr. Sudhakara Reddy’s Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore offers best dental Implant services at an affordable costs...Dental Implants  are generally of two types prosthetic dentistry (artificial teeth replacement) and cosmetic dentistry.

To Improve the Appearance ,self esteem, improve speed everyone needs good teeths, so determine the implants are right for you or not with the help of expert dentist. So choose right dental implant procedure from right hands !!

Who  are the ideal candidate for dental implants ?
> The person who lost his / her teeth
> Other Dental problems like Mouth cancer, smoking, alcohol use, radiation to the dental jaws etc
> person who does not have healthy gums tissues

How Dental Implant Procedures Work ?
Depending on the dental condition that you want overcome, based on that dental implant treatment can be categorized as follows

*Single tooth Replacement
You can choose single tooth replacement  is an option for dental implants if you miss single teeth. Single Tooth Replacement India offers best Treatments for your problems.

*Multiple tooth Replacement
Lose or one or more teeth can treated by placing Multiple tooth replacement option to get your smile back.

Full Mouth Fixed Teeth
Full mouth reconstruction is one of the best option for people who are having set of failed teeth, no teeth.

Common Dental Problems
*Bad Breath
*Oral Cancer
*Tooth Decay
* Mouth Sores
*Tooth Erosion
*Tooth Sensitivity
*Un Attractive Smile
*Wisdom teeth problem
*Periodontal Gum Diseases

Stop worrying about your dental problems, Dr Sudhakara Reddy is one of the best Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon & Implantologist in Bangalore offers Best Dental Implants in Bangalore. Also offers Tooth replacement in India at an affordable treatment costs !!
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