Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Digital Smile Design: Technology in Dentistry

Do you know the simple act of smiling can help you to experience the actual happiness, joy, or amusement? Smiling on purpose changes brain chemistry, and it is a great help to people who are dealing with depression and anxiety.

However, having unattractive, crooked, yellowish, or missing teeth can pull you back from delivering a beautiful smile. At some point in life, you might wish for a beautiful smile like others. Here is some happy news for you. Smile design can make your dream of having a flawless and confident smile, true.

What is a smile design?

A digital smile design is a technology used for managing the shapes, contours, and color of the teeth. This helps to correct your teeth and facial composition and improves your appearance and smile. The process of smile design includes the evaluation and analysis of both facial and dental composition. This can help the expert to straighten the misaligned teeth, closing gaps, repairing the chipped or cracked teeth changing the shape of the teeth, and whitening your teeth. By including your facial aesthetics and other important aspects, the expert will create a more realistic model of your dental and facial composition, that you can expect from the treatment.

Experts of Dental Implant Studio, with the help of most advanced technology, can design the perfect smile you wish.

Digital Smile Design Technology

Intraoral scanner with CAD/CAM

Dental Implant Studio uses an intraoral scanner to get the perfect digital impressions of your dental and facial composition. This is a high definition 3D scanning device, which can give 3 Dimensional models of a patient's teeth. These digital impressions are then sent to the CAD/CAM to manufacture dental devices more precisely. CAD/CAM is a specially designed device and application for designing and manufacturing custom made dental crowns or specific zirconium-based esthetic crowns/veneers or a patient-specific dental device, with the help of an Intraoral scanner or computer.  

This procedure is a time-saver, as the overall process takes only a few minutes, and the patient could receive the prosthetic within a day.

If you are concerned about your smile and are in search of a perfect place to depend on, happy news, Your search is over. Book an appointment at Dental Implant Studio and get your beautiful smile back.

Blog reviewed By: Dr. Sudhakara Reddy
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