Thursday, 12 December 2019

Win back your smile with dental implants

Missing teeth can affect a smile and would bring an older look on the face. Dental implants help to replace the missing teeth and bring back the smile and better dental appearance.

 Dental Implant

Dental implants are made of metal alloy that is titanium, which is compatible with the body tissues. Implants get bonded with the surrounding and adjacent bones quickly and act as a new root, which was lost. Dental implants functions and looks just like a natural tooth.

Prevent facial collapse 

Dental implants can improve oral health by resolving a lot of issues with tooth loss. While losing teeth, there are chances for jaw deterioration and facial collapse. The shape of the face changes and would bring an older look. Doctors would recommend dental implants to rectify these issues and helps to improve oral health and dental appearance.

Protects the remaining teeth 

Aging, injuries, or illness can lead to loss of teeth. An immediate replacement can help improve these issues. Usually, doctors would recommend a dental implant as it will not affect the adjacent teeth. Implants will make a person look younger as it helps to fill the gaps and prevents further tooth loss. The structure of the bone, which is present below the tooth, is well-maintained; hence, no harm is caused to the remaining teeth.

Smile again with confidence 

Confidence and optimism are always proven with a beautiful smile. The teeth support the position of the lips, and missing teeth can make a huge difference. Loss of teeth can bring out an aged look, but doctors could help restore the smile and get back the youthful look with appropriate dental implants.


Missing teeth can lead to problems with proper digestion, and it would lead to health issues. The full set of teeth helps to evenly distribute the biting force, which helps to improve better digestion. The natural process of bone renewal is stimulated with the structure of the bone under the tooth being well-maintained.


Dentists choose dental implants for missing tooth as it has better longevity. Dentures and bridges would require repair or replacement in the long run, whereas dental implants will last life -long if maintained well.

 Dental Implant

Dental implants can help get back the youthful smile. However, it requires regular maintenance and hygiene to remain the same in the long-run.

Blog reviewed By: Dr. Sudhakara Reddy
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