Sunday, 23 October 2016

We are Ready to Give a Perfect Smile

A missing tooth can have unwanted results such as shifting of remaining teeth, mis-alignment and periodontal disease. The primary goal of implantation of a missing tooth is to restore the very lost tooth back with better strength. Dr. Sudhakara Reddy places dental implant in Single Tooth Replacement cases less than 15 minutes time either single stage or two stages depend on the situation and patients need.

Advantages of having implant in single tooth missing area 
* Getting implant is like getting back old strong tooth 
* No need to grind adjacent natural teeth 
* Double the strength than old natural tooth 
* No food accumulation 
* Tooth color/shade is of patients choice 

Types of single tooth replacement: 

* Single stage 
Either, a single piece implant or a two piece implant can be used. And teeth also can be given immediately. 

* Two stage 
Two stage implant is used where only is placed first and left it in bone for 3 months(in case of lower jaw tooth) and 6 months in case of upper jaw tooth.

Teeth are a vital part in your body. You understand very well, when you miss one of them. So implant your teeth fast, as the process of replacement is easy. Dr.Sudhakara Reddy, the famous Dental Surgeon in Bangalore provides effective Dental Implant Surgery