Saturday, 14 July 2018

No longer to wait to fix your missed teeth

When a tooth is lost, it’s a big loss. It is an inevitable adage. When we have fallen tooth, it not only destructs our appearance but also twists the speech, vibration, and communication. In the olden days, placing a dental implant was a conventional method that took more months’ time. Till the time gap, people may feel guilty to go out and mingle with others due to missing tooth.

But, Teeth fixation in 3 days is a great part of fixing dental implants which is a great stress reliever for most of us. In 3 days dental implant fixation, the people will enjoy the benefit of great speech, self-esteem, appearance and mastication. Fixing teeth in 3 days is an advanced technique and it is more credible than other traditional techniques.

Placing teeth in 3 days need not require any bone augmentation, sinus lift and bone graft surgeries. By choosing fixing teeth in 3 days avoid the said complications, and the patients get fixed teeth faster at lower costs.

Placing teeth in 3 days will have some pre-procedural examination includes 3D CBCT scanner that helps to provide an accurate dimension, bone support and aids in ascertaining the bone quality available to proceed with the treatment. Placing teeth in 3 days is the credible alternative for missing teeth and provides a blend of aesthetic and functionality.

You are The Right Candidate for "A New Fixed Teeth In 3 Days" ...if you have any one of the following conditions:
  • Worst decayed teeth which cannot be saved
  • Not so comfortable with a removable denture
  • Badly decayed front tooth 
  • Gaps between the front teeth 
  • Periodontal problem
  • Excessively mobile teeth
  • Missing teeth either at back or front teeth

Benefits of permanent teeth in 3 days

  • As advanced techniques are used, the procedure takes a minimal recovery and it is minimally invasive
  • Affords long-term results 
  • Maintenance is easy along with a proper oral hygiene
  • Maintains aesthetic look and self-esteem
Dr. Sudhakara Reddy is an expert dentist in Bangalore who affords effective treatment for all dental problems. Dr. Sudhakara Reddy’s Dental implant center is a well-known clinic for Teeth in 3 days in Bangalore. Many people have been benefited by the Teeth in 3 days treatment successfully.

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