Monday, 24 September 2018

Immediate Dental Implants for best results

A beautiful smile tells a lot about your amazing personality and when you smile, the whole world smiles with you. An attractive smile attracts friends and boosts your confidence. For this wonderful reason, people are paying visits to cosmetic dental clinics. If by any chance, you have lost your teeth, immediate implant will be a sure shot solution to retain that pretty smile.


What is Immediate Dental Implant?

Immediate Dental Implant is standard dental care treatment for missing teeth. Few years back, removable dental bridges were popularly being used to make people feel uncomfortable. These breakable bridges required regular cleaning and were not comfortable to wear. New age technology called Immediate Dental Implant makes a person feel at ease. Right after teeth removal, implants are placed immediately to save time and efforts. Hopeless cases such as root fracture demand tooth extraction and hence, immediate dental implant.

Immediate dental implant by Dr. Sudhakar Reddy

Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, BDS, MDS, FICOI, DICOI (USA) is an Implantologist and Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgeon. An assistant professor at Rajiv Gandhi Dental College & Hospital, R.T. Nagar, Bangalore, Dr. Sudhakar Reddy has been practicing immediate dental implant to provide that attractive smile. These immediate dental implants in Bangalore are making people switch to this amazing treatment. So, let your smile do the talking through this amazing treatment by Dr. Reddy.

Dr. Reddy has included immediate implant as an integral part of the procedure, right after tooth removal. Implants are placed in extracted cases and the tooth is replaced immediately.

The Procedure

Rinse mouth with CHX 0.12% -> Local anaesthesia -> Extraction of damaged tooth -> Removal of compromised tissues -> Irrigation through Betadine -> Placement of Implant

Some Benefits

* The lost tooth is back in no time
* Psychological stress is minimized
* Healing time is minimized
* Bone loss is prevented

As a specialized implantologist, Dr. Sudhakar Reddy does immediate dental implant with perfection. Immediate dental in Bangalore is a hit and perfect way to retain that lovely smile on your face to conquer the world.
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